Subject Assessment


My project throughout subject has been very diverse, explorative and spontaneous. Alongside exciting and unsure moments through experimentation, field has helped me stabilize the process of my subject work. It has put my ideas and actions into perspective of materiality and audience engagement.


Although I started with thrown forms, I never intended for things to be functional, only ever decorative or sculptural. Looking at the opportunity of seeing a vessel form in a different light, allowing a theme of playfulness and primary skills to take place. With inspiration from drama drawing, the enthusiasm and creativeness experienced has been led onto more work for my project. I looked at ceramists such as Johannes Nagel, viewing his work at the New Art Centre, he really infused a new light of ceramics for me, his random shapes, assemblages and colors really opened up the opportunity that ceramics can be pushed to all kinds of directions. This helped support my further experimentation into stacking and balance. To not aim for perfection with ceramics but to allow ceramics to have its own life and identity. Balance led me to look at Phyllida Barlow. She strengthens my intentions of creating a bold, and experimental collage of shapes forms and colors. Her unstable sculptures touch upon traditional sculpture. Barlow’s work never entirely finds their final resting place in the world, least of all in the gallery space, nothing is to be hidden, everything is transparent, unfinished, provisional, subject to change at any given moment. Her work hovers over the process art in the 60s with Eva Hesse. She believes the world is to do with a manifestation of things, and her work becomes to be a space invader, it’s interesting how to use the space, fill it, and leave it.

Through my research my interest into the ceramic vessel as a sculpture grew. As I make vessels I give my work value, making in the process of expressing ones self, as a source of bestowing a form. There is a shared meaning that develops in a vessel, which goes above and beyond relating to what is sublime and greater

There is, an intended blurriness throughout the making process that will hopefully lead to a concrete assertion. The functionality of my work does not relate to the potential of being useful, but rather to the logic.


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