Starting the creative journey

Looking at the starting process of Level 6, I know there is so much going on in my head, an idea of an art work and the idea of shapes etc. But its finding the bridge of development from a creative idea to a real thing that i’m desperate to achieve.

The quote from The Principles of Art helps me understand the unknown of the creative process. pg 130

“A work of art need not be a real thing. It may be what we call an imaginary thing. A disturbance, or a nuisance, or a navy, or the like, is not created at all until it is created as a thing having its place in the real world.”

“But a work of art may be completely created when it has been created as a thing whose only place is in the artists mind.”

Its interesting to think how many works of art that have/had been present in peoples minds that are never produced into the real thing. There has never been any evidence of that individuals creation in their head if they have no evidence to show apart from verbalising that idea.

The use of the word ‘nuisance’ reminds me of times where an idea for an art work will pop up into my mind at the most unexpected times, making me feel frustrated with the timing and the knowing that the likeliness of that work to be produced into the real world is very unlikely. A struggle (I can imagine) a lot of people deal with on a daily basis.

Creativity cannot be in a ordered structure, it seems to always be all over the place. Every experience of a creative journey is unexpected, scary to jump into the unknown, not knowing what will come out the other end.

What I learnt from my Petcha Kutcha is that my work is about the Act of Seeing – curiosity of the human mind. Themes such as 16th/17th century garden landscape were brought up and secret dialogues of constructs, looking at garden architects such as Capability Brown.

CFile with Chris Staley looks into whether we can teach creativity, we need to be open to all sorts of possibilities in the way that children are creative – they have no fear. We all need to keep that child within us, that sense of fearlessness, innocence and willingness to try anything can take us to unknown territory.

The Three Minute Epiphany on Radio 6 involved Will Gompertz answering the question of what is art? Firstly he mentioned how photography changed the game of art, then we move onto modern art (I admire the way he is speaking is allowing others outside the field can understand), conceptual art “is okay but it is only as good as the idea”- sol lewitt

the most important part of his epiphany was how art is vital to our idea of being human, the ability to imagine (thoughts of communication through the arts arts) reinforces our own humanity.


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