Every time I look at an installation in an exhibition space I feel like they all look the same

they all feel to have the same concept

of being incredibly conceptual and abstract


Gilberto Zorio

The same blocked feeling when looking at an installation

thumb_IMG_2264_1024 born and working in Italy

terracotta circle looks back to classical ideas about human proportion. The diameter is based on the artists arm-span and the circle was moulded as he moved around at floor level. The work also marks out the height of the body, as a glass platform with a thin layer of lead hangs at the head height. Many of Zorio’s early sculptures explored energy and change: crystals grew up metallic structures, substances altered colour when damp, live electric elements draped from the wall, and painted surfaces fluoresced under ultra-violet lights.

quote of the ornamental and the elemental

Use of space – loss



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