IMG_2543 IMG_2544Film camera, development process – overexposed and underexposed photographs

automatic camera

photograms – Moholy-Nagy Bauhaus lighting objects layering


Ceramic transfer print


Moholy, New vision, page 12

“Artistic creatively no longer aims to produce a representation but takes on the role of being an ‘instrument’ with which to train and condition the new vision it is a guide to a vital experience of the world.”

act of seeing page 14

“How often have I not heard from people, both young and old, how beautiful are the shadows under the lime trees…The natural surroundings of our everyday existence are exceedingly rich in beautiful forms; we only need to be educated to discover beauty in the most insignificant of them.”

aesthetic education, with methods of fixing permanent images

Dada- the influence, development of abstract art direct eye away from ornamental to the elemental qualities of such forms


Dematerialisation of structure of materials into state of disembodiment

Man ray photography


craft in the bay photography on ceramics

IMG_0358 IMG_0359 IMG_0360


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