Slips and Anne Gibbs

IMG_2736  Special porcelain with clay stains to make body of clay and slips – test tiles with different shapes and layers of coloured clays.

IMG_0374 IMG_0377IMG_0375 IMG_0376 Absolutely fascinating talk by Anne Gibbs for the Techie Tuesdays. Really interesting to hear how a working artist has very similar inspiration triggers within materiality and shapes.

inspiration further for working within technology – although I have to consider the pricing – working further in slips with layering – then shaping and folding like anne has done in her bone china piece above with the needle. It was interesting that Anne is inspired by roundabouts and islands – circular shapes and forms, micro worlds of a landscape within another landscape with small components to make a composition. I enjoyed Annes abstract drawings from photographs.

IMG_0378 IMG_2739 IMG_0401 Birds eye view plans for floor surfaces.


artist from Aberystwyth festival & someone Anne worked alongside.


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