As I cross between the readings of ‘end of art’ and ‘principles of art’ I start to question what is art now? There has been, and continues to be so much exploration, so much range and depth, where else can we extend art to?

Theres the concept of waste art, a thought/idea that exists in our head but doesnt get produced.

I have always known, but always try to remind myself how important creativity is for an individuals health and mentality. There is so much energy that exists within creative minds that need to be nurtured and released into physical energy, otherwise the results can be infuriating frustration.

Who am I writing for? What audience am I speaking out to about the classification of ceramics? concentrating mainly on the artist potter, a very personal writing aimed at myself, where I place myself in an artist community. Writing needs to be more of a conversation between you and the reader with opinions directions and arguments.



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