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With Duncan we spoke about Landscape – relating to Richard Long and Anne Gibbs work as you have to move around the work and through the space to enter the full impact that the artist is creating, transmitting permeance.

Im engaging in material narratives – the semiotics betweens objects and material and the narratives or connections they can have with a viewer.

space – in the making studio, explore space and placement of work – to understand what i’m trying to do, to understand my own ideas by creating work, working in a material and placing it in areas that i haven’t had access to yet.

I want to look further into Sauserre pierce, territories of the obsolete to understand the connections we make when objects are put next to each other/ put in a particular position/ put into a particular space.

For photography I hope to make birds eye view photos with a tripod and landscape settings. The element of photography reflects from Richard Long, examples of work in photography alongside a different form of 3d work. comparisons/juxtapositions/changes. Is my work an utterance? Or is it an intonation?



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