Tutorial research

After a tutorial with Pete we picked up on the artist Richard long, aboriginal, archaeological anthropological forms of my work. As well as mapping out the territory of my own space – my own corners.


By taking already extruded pieces of clay we positioned the objects and altered them with different forms of human touch and how they connect with each other depending on where they are.

After the tutorial I started to make connections , sculptural piece against a functional piece both white exterior and blue interior.


Following on from our tutorial I visited the Museum the following Sunday for William Smiths exhibition of his geological maps of the UK constructed in the 1800s.

I picked up mainly on the vibrancy of colours, the shapes the different sections made to each other, and I particularly liked the key to  colours representing different raw materials such as red sandstone, limestone, clay etc. I don’t feel that I am on any interest to the fossils or evolution of the maps through the years. I’m looking at the shapes within the colours of locations.

thumb_IMG_2838_1024  thumb_IMG_2843_1024           thumb_IMG_2856_1024 thumb_IMG_2862_1024  thumb_IMG_2872_1024  thumb_IMG_2883_1024

This exhibition gave me an interesting idea of territory, land and location to locate my own clay from different areas to represent that area, then fire the clays to experiment with the raw colours and create my own map in an aboriginal way, taking a marking to a different location in my head as well.


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