Australia – Aboriginal Paintings

In correlation to my subject work, of signs and symbols, as well as my constellation work of questioning the classifications of ceramics within an artist/philosophers practice, aboriginal art somehow has a prominent stance between them both. I thought I would re quote a few findings from the book by Arnhem Land to show clarity in connections.


“significance of art” Land starts to questions and arise the question of using the word ‘art’ for aboriginal works. the drawings are – composed. the work can be connected to gestalt – all art – in so far is¬†spontaneous is determined in the act of perception.

An intuitive sense of form, a feeling for harmony – these are merely alternative phrases for a process of appreciation that is essentially automatic. the works have a sensuous quality

“rather they are geometrical symbols, representing very concretely such objects as fields and pathways, wells and gullies.

‘Throughout southern and central Australia, this art is remarkably simple and abstract, consisting almost entirely of spirals, concentric circles, wavy and straight lines.

  • monochromatic drawings have a sense of movement

the idea of my own pigment to paint – my own clay to make all from one area/or various areas


IMG_0628 IMG_0629


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