Reflection of week 9th-13th

This week has worked really well for me. Subject has come back together again due to having my work up in the Corridor Exhibition, therefore having an alternative space and people being able to speak to me about my work, their questions and feedback helped a lot such as the floor being just as much a component as the work. I’m creating a well supported writing in my dissertation and capturing the main skills I want to focus on.

skills – further extrusions, glaze making for finishes on slips bodies, learning from an over-fired 1280 kiln glaze and slips caused burnt and bubbling – need to check that the slips are meant to go up to that temperature,


mdmf varnished ready for a plaster cast next week, further porcelain slips on plaster bat – layering, and reshaping – fragility and touch are so important, I left the slips on the bat for too long causing it to dry and crack when I tried to shape it and fit together.


context – Working outdoors, weathering with clay, looking further at other artists looking at psycho-geography such as Celia Johnson and Jenny Cashmore.

ideas – continuing the idea of journey, transition of space, weathering. I want to photo my  main components small yet sculptural and monumental in a away it could be a tower on a map. Although I am documenting my work through time lapse and animation – that doesn’t go to say thats the theme of my work – thats just a way of documentation to capture the movement I aim for.

Dissertation – tackling the modern vs postmodern alike to craft vs art and defining contemporary art. Jeffrey Jones talk, tutorial next week – readings to do in prep for questions and understandings!


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