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thumb_DSC_0152_1024 Anne Gibbs, such delicate work and micro landscapes with pale soft colours.


sZZ02 tnU1G vj5PrExtruded objects, im not sure of the artist but the shapes and colours invited me in, I dont liek the glass casing, although t changes their value, i feel they should be out in the open on a table.



2xvLU 3eLYB 7wfMniqIciI admire the extruded shapes that have been limited to a square space, making the starts and ends of the work verys obvious, otherwise I feel if it was directly on the floor the objects would start to connect to its surroundings and building even more.IRssYIMG_0620

Here are pictures of my extruded floor installation work.


Sam Bakewells own made space was very inspirational to create your own space for your work rather than depdening on the venue, although my work does respond to the space rather than making objects for a particular space.

helen marton – falmouth crafts space

GZIyW vfbtuhidden forms in the building were very sculptural as well as industrial, I liked this as it seems to be in a position we wouldn’t expect to see it in.





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