Jeffrey Jones Talk

I managed to speak to Jeffrey Jones about my writing for the dissertation and about his own writings that I had been researching. We touched upon interesting themes such as the loss of archive/records of ceramic conferences, innovative artist such as Keith Harrison, not hiding the working process and the people involved in his work – initials of people who helped in his work at the end.

The issue of people who are creating the work for artists – issues of fabrication and acknowledgements.

We then moved to the themes of my thesis with the difference of making and ideas. Speaking of whether the materials are originally sourced or bought. How ceramics has such a wide range of practices within itself, individuals may focus more on the firing process whereas others may only care about the making and leave the firing for somebody else to do for them.

We spoke of Garth Clarks categories of Peasant Potter, Industrial Potter, and Artist Potter are all stages before resulting to studio ceramics seems to be the end result. This was very useful as I read the writing as though studio ceramics is coming to an end, rather than what Jones is really saying is that its the end stage of the stages before, not a decline.


artist suggested – Andrew Lord


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