Summary of week 16th-20th

Skills; This week we had useful construction and plaster group tutorials. The first construction tutorial with Claire was very useful to hear what techniques everybody is using in relation to their ideas in their work and what they can change in order for the two to sit together more realistically. With my work we came to the recognition of colour in my work – glazes like Ron Nagle lots of vibrancy and tactility. start to make glazes next week to test and apply to my bisqued work

IMG_3051 IMG_3057 IMG_3002 IMG_3020

Then for the plaster tutorial I came to the result that I won’t touch upon plaster but to work in press moulds instead, to experiment with the objects and the negative space i like around the objects. We explored the different ways i could apply myself to an object – looking at the human tacit, at the trace of something

IMG_8597 IMG_0772

Context; further looking at the context of craft – contemporary, looking at the emphasis of ideas and technical craft in the making of glazes and extrusions.

Ideas; My work is all object led responding to a space



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