summary of week 6th-18th Decemeber

Skills; Frit bodys fired to 1200

thumb_IMG_3207_1024 thumb_IMG_3210_1024 thumb_IMG_3213_1024 thumb_IMG_3218_1024 thumb_IMG_3233_1024 thumb_IMG_3242_1024 thumb_IMG_3247_1024

A very unexpected result of the frit bodys, I expected them to melt across the clay object a lot more than to be set in the position I first put them in. This can be interesting for shapes I want to control over the object. The stains I added were not precise, therefore caused a different texture. Because I’m not hugely happy with the result I’ve made new frits and put them in a 1100 and 1280;

They are quite energetic and characteristic, I hope to create livelier, more energetic colours to create a higher level of excitement to myself and the viewer. – synthetic iron oxide and chrome oxide tests

clay body stains in extruder

Context Shannon Goff, application form to studios in the printhaus and east street arts studio applications, also research of crafts council/arts council jobs – but in need of 2 years expereince.

Ideas Taking pieces of work back home with me over the christmas holidays to continue the placement and positioning of work in temporary spaces.



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