On my visit to Modern Art Oxford I saw Anne Hardys ‘Field’ Exhibition. I know Hardy for her photography work that I saw in the Saatchi during my A Levels. Now, encountering her work in the physical world, it is a powerful utopia. Hardy concentrates on the discarded parts of the sculptural process through installation, audio, text and image.

IMG_0989 Bold colour, raw materials, light and balance of stacking.

IMG_0943 IMG_0942

It’s so nice to see other artists using live photograms in their process and final outcome.

thumb_IMG_0945_1024Idea of strings to connect works/hang objects?thumb_IMG_0950_1024great colours, little islands in the sea of yellow



Incredible to see Nicholas Pope work in Tate Britain, huge connection to their process of making with all the visible connected coils and fingerprints to compress them together, the balance of the two separate pieces reminded me a lot of my Level 5 exhibition.



Placement of work on the floor – spread out, playful but I still feel its not a effective way of presenting.


thumb_IMG_3337_1024 thumb_IMG_3338_1024


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