Exhibition proposal

I work as an artist in the material of clay. I start my creative journey by recognizing outlines of shapes and forms within my surroundings. Existing ideas such as maps, routes and strata, inspire my work, as well as contemporary artists such as Matt Wedel, Shannon Goff, Anne Hardy, Ron Nagle and Nathan Prouty. All these artists work highly with colour and scale. I’m experimenting and exploring the materials of vitreous slips, frit bodies, clay stains and lustres, as well as manufactured made earthenware glazes. My intention of my work body, which will go towards the field module, is creating a space from different levels forming a pathway that takes you on a journey, or follows you through the journey you’re taking. For this to happen, practice and careful thoughts of the ceramic object placement is very important. What I hope to achieve is highly finished objects as components that come together as one composition to create an environment of an installation, work that ignites excitement through the color, the scale of work, the surface of different layering’s and different states of finish. My research of space goes to Gaston Bachelard ‘Poetics of Space’ seeing space of a room, within architecture, within a home of your own as somewhere you can dream, somewhere you can feel comfortable, where you store all your memories, fears and life. Maybe through my route I set up in response to a temporary area, these emotions can be ignited through levels of harmony between the materials and ceramic work. I’m heightening a viewer’s movement through a space, there experiencing colours and unusual materials all in the same composition into the life of playfulness. They enter the process of my work; the different stages of skills, technique as well as the different states ceramics can sit in.

In my exhibition I expect to include extruded objects I have heavily worked on in surface decoration and glazes, vitreous slips, frit bodies and earthenware glazes. I am considering creating bigger scale work that may be hand built. I am in a limbo of constant experimentation of what materials I would like to use, I have thought about floor space therefore using a coloured/non-coloured fabric (or other material) for the work to sit on top of, hanging the pieces from the ceiling using found objects such as wires, considering a lot of different platforms to enhance the viewers experience. Presenting the work on soft materials gave a sense of rest and comfort, I’d like to keep my materials as soft, not too industrial or sharp.

I am unsure of the time scale, I am constantly making work and tests I may use pieces of work I have already used as well as newer fresher pieces. I am still to experiment with lighting. I have enjoyed working with the corner of a room before but am still considering different places to work in. At first my work was a response to a space but now that I have worked very heavily on colour I want to create a placed environment that doesn’t look too impulsive but still playful. This may then be something in a more central space rather than near any walls.

I’m still trying to understand the proximity of the context that I have entered in of occupying the identity as a painter, sculptor and material based artist. There is a colour continuity within the ceramics and material that are acting as the platforms, creating a harmonic balance between the two.

I have been looking at the presentation and colours of artists work, such as Alexander Calder, Anne Hardy, Anders Ruhwald, Barry Flanagan and Corrina Thornton.


1157_1932_P1020213 12 MG_9641 2-18-18



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