February 1st-5th week summary

Skills – Vitreous slips stains

IMG_1130 I used latex to cover parts of the pieces whilst spraying different coloured slips onto the surface.IMG_1131 Pink! IMG_1132 IMG_1134 IMG_1135 IMG_1137 IMG_1138 IMG_1140 thumb_IMG_3457_1024   thumb_IMG_3461_1024

Like slush-puppy ceramics, such a nice effect of colours overlapping each other.

Context – Alexander Calder exhibition at Tate Britain.

Calders work is a delicate line of defined figures in a space, not a solid mass. “sculpture was no longer a static object for the viewer to walk around, inspecting it from every angle, but something the could itself rotate ad be experienced in space and presentation.” He brings sculpture to life through animation and flexibility.

“Sculpture can respond to, or alter its surroundings”

inspiration to start creating maquettes in wire to make quick and easy results Calders work was like his initial sketches up above in midair, like objects of the imagination in a higher place.

thumb_IMG_3446_1024 thumb_IMG_3448_1024

“Calder recognised that the ability to control movement was perhaps less fertile than the potentially infinite possibilities that opened up with free movement.”

“the idea of detatched bodies floating in space, of different sizes and densities…some at rest, while others move in peculiar manners, seem to me the ideal source of form.” He was coming out of the geometric forms into organic, calm and elegant atmosphere of relaxation, there is a timelessness about his work that made life feel that it was in slow motion or paused. Moving very slowly.

Calder related to his work with music, they’re open compositions with experimental composers. Calder was able to define an architectural space rather than occupy it, his sculptures reflected an era of optimism and new appetite for modernity.

thumb_IMG_3450_1024 thumb_IMG_3451_1024

Ideas – Questioning – why extrusions?

I am thinking about the placement/presentation of my work, working with materials/metals to hang/create a moving sculpture and environment, following/analysing the viewer rather than the viewer analysing the sculpture.

thumb_IMG_1141_1024 thumb_IMG_1143_1024 thumb_IMG_1144_1024 thumb_IMG_1145_1024 thumb_IMG_1146_1024


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