Tracks Shot 2016-01-13 at 18.28.14 Keith Harrison –

such a beautiful installation by Elodie Alexandre

This wall installation is composed of several ceramic pieces connected to form a map reminiscent of a labyrinth. The pieces refer to narratives around the theme of displacement and act as a selection of connected memories. These stories about living somewhere and elsewhere appear in the Visitor Map accompanying the work. The installation was exhibited at ‘Fresh’, as part of the Ceramics Biennial 2011 in the UK.

so brilliant, relatable and inspirational!!

Élodie makes illustrative constructions inspired by narratives about feelings of displacement, memories of places and everyday-life anecdotes associated with objects. Using multifaceted pieces, she creates dialogues that engage viewers in an intriguing, poetic world of personal images. The pieces explore the two and three dimensional and create an evocative and colourful universe which mixes the familiar and the unfamiliar, the personal and the universal.



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