Timeline for dates

Spring term

week 5/6– 8-19th Feb

Skills; frit body tests on crank trays, vitrious slips with stains tests,

frit body tests on extruded pieces

Ideas; continue collecting platforms for work to be presented on, Consider

possibly making large scale ceramic pieces to present work on

Context; archive research for field module, ideas for presentation, catalogue and the exhibition as a whole

week 7/8 – 22-4th Feb/March

Monday 29th          Formative Assessment

Skills; finalising the results of all skill tests, making any final pieces for show – bisque and vitreous slips 1280 firings, any frit bodies – 1100/1200, earthenware glazes 1060,

Ideas; first maquette of presentation

week 9/10 – 7-18th March

Skills; lustre firings 700

End of Spring Term

Summer Term
week 1/2 – 11-15th April
Friday 22nd                     Studio Clearance
week 3 – 25-29th April
week 4 – 2-6th April
week 5 – 9-13th April
week 6 – 16-20th April
Friday 6th May 2016:                        Module Submission Deadline
Friday 20th May 2016:                      Stakeholder Preview Evening

Saturday 21st May 2016:                 Degree Show Opening


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