thumb_IMG_1148_1024 Colour inspirations houses from uni onto the taff trail – mint colour alike to extruded clay seen further down in this post

Emergency wheel chair bag –  yellow, black outline

IMG_1257 IMG_1258Different items in the location of the university


thumb_IMG_1151_1024 thumb_IMG_1152_1024thumb_IMG_1154_1024spray booth process – taking away the stilsts to uncover more shapes

output_dnOp2JLaying out fabrics and ceramics

gjglhp1090308p1090309mg2vgnzfi4Paris inspirations Centre Pompidou with colours shapes, and window presentations of swings hanging holding the objects acting as their platforms

thumb_IMG_1158_1024 thumb_IMG_1162_1024  Sketchbook work of outline of phase one of body of work (seen on body of work post) combining the 2d/3d on top of each other, overlapping each other creating more shapes from the first shape.

thumb_IMG_8829_1024 thumb_IMG_8836_1024    thumb_IMG_8847_1024materiality in layering – wall piece? hanging oink thread with ceramic piece along it? shredded texture of mint porcelain with fabric

thumb_IMG_8851_1024testing woolen thread and metal hangers with work

thumb_IMG_8857_1024 thumb_IMG_3564_1024 thumb_IMG_3565_1024 thumb_IMG_8867_1024 thumb_IMG_8871_1024 background tests alongside colourful pieces

thumb_IMG_8889_1024 combinations of surface textures pale soft colours


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