29th – 4th March week summary

Skills;thumb_IMG_3632_1024 thumb_IMG_3633_1024 thumb_IMG_3634_1024 thumb_IMG_3635_1024 thumb_IMG_3637_1024 I have started handbuilding larger scale work of my small extrusions- this way I can follow my need to create a journey of sculpture through a space, viewers can see the shapes, forms, texture and colour from the ground up. I am questioning the kiln size and fitting – bookings and how many bisque firings for all the work together – then the question of how to spray vitreous slips onto them.

Context; Betty Woodman

thumb_IMG_3644_1024 thumb_IMG_3645_1024 thumb_IMG_3646_1024 thumb_IMG_3648_1024

Anthony Caro – Katie Haywood sculpture and colour, frames/forms that the viewer needs to walk around and look at to recognise all the different angles it encounters

Ideas; Journey of sculpture – exploring the features of form, shape, colour

importance of work to have a presence in such a big environment full of rich details and work around – how to make it stand out? scale – it answers the question of taking someone on a journey, moving around a space, vibrancy excitement and colour applied on large abstract objects.

katie haywood – talk – reason for set up materials and connection, scale, distance space work gets lost in environment colours light floor height window

should speak to people in studio more often and people outside of studio to understand how my work comes across to people – get idea of how to present my work successfully



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