7th-11th March week summary

Skills; Continuing my making,thumb_IMG_3657_1024 using my hand as a bashing tool to expand work out from the inside

thumb_IMG_3663_1024 thumb_IMG_3665_1024  Finished piece of folded extruded piece blown up

reforming the built forms very hard with the scale, thickness of clay and different consistency of moist clay with dried up clay. cracking, rebuilding re wetting etc, thumb_IMG_3680_1024

this porcelain piece is a blown up, mixed coloured (using up my old stained clays) version of one of my small pinched pieces;



It’s interesting to see throughout all my photography of my work I am scaling the work up in the angles I see them from, now creating bigger versions of my maquettes I can have the scale available to me and concentrate more on the space, the connection and environment they are within.thumb_IMG_0032_1024 thumb_IMG_0033_1024

very beautiful colours and textures on the tools from the spray booth after spraying 3 maquette pieces.

thumb_IMG_0039_1024 thumb_IMG_0041_1024 testing out the body and foot together alongside my smaller starter piece, body is too wet, need it to get to the same consistency as the foot for the work to be stable together.


Context; Hand building artists, Sara Moller works with sculpture and painting but is focused on chaos with a fusion of body and nature. Although she uses interesting mixes of materials within her ceramic hand built work. From what I can see in her photography of work she focuses on tensions and balance of sculptures, moving away from the plinth and finding a new environment for hand built work.

2.GBKF2013 webb.Thomassen1

Ideas; questioning the array of colours – colour scale in my work. .playful and random works by it self and creates strong relationships with coloured materials/fabrics


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