14th-25th (two) Week Summary

Skills; waiting for hand built work to dry for first bisque, testing new vitreous slip with glaze binder mixed in to make surface dry and be more solid on clay body. firing work – trouble of weight and size in the kiln – trying to fit other work around.

thumb_IMG_3729_1024 2 thumb_IMG_3728_1024 2 thumb_IMG_3727_1024 2 thumb_IMG_3726_1024 thumb_IMG_3725_1024 thumb_IMG_3722_1024 thumb_IMG_3712_1024 thumb_IMG_3711_1024 thumb_IMG_3710_1024 thumb_IMG_3704_1024 thumb_IMG_3703_1024thumb_IMG_0062_1024

contacting pdr about making maquette boards for presentation (anne gibbs)

Creating more maquette work for New Designers to use alongside a portfolio of photography for my big scale work to show the process.

Context; carry on research of Barry Flanagan for the realms of sculpture, influences such as poems and other working artists.

Ideas; Trying to stay connected to what I’m trying to do with my work.


thumb_IMG_0068_1024 thumb_IMG_0066_1024 thumb_IMG_0065_1024 thumb_IMG_0064_1024 thumb_IMG_0063_1024


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