Colour Theory

Tomorrow is the day I start spraying colour onto my final big scale pieces and i’m in need to understand the colours I’m using a little bit more rather than depending on spontaneity and taste to create new work on top of another.


I’m starting to consider the colour conversations that occur from current and post influences of mine. Things that are purely visually satisfying as well as mentally satisfying to what colours we connect to certain shapes or memories.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 19.48.08 Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 19.48.29 P1100422

I’m interested in the space in-between colours – the boundary of red and blue making purple – connections of how colours are originated in the first place. Placing colour on object in the same way colour places ‘things’. We live within a kaleidoscopic world of colour.

I chose not to feature any green apart from very light mint greens in my work as I feel that it is too relatable to nature – i’d rather my work be surreal than natural. By watching programmes about colour I picked up some interesting understandings – blue transports us to other places, something we desire. Same feeling we may get when we look up into the sky when it is a shade of blue.

Through my work I see a marriage of colour and form, this colour changes the perception of what something is. The colour blue is all around us in nature but out of touch, this blue captures our imaginations, desire for the new world beyond our own, blue holds strange and exotic realms. It’s as though new colours come out of the blue, new life of fresh luscious colours (my work?).

A very obvious artist to refer to is Yves Klein for his captivation with the sky – a way to escape from the world around him, a way to create a deep and liberating colour that becomes an infinity of a utopia.

To have a colour to escape to, becoming lost in the distance between ourselves and the colour.


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