Colourscape lab- Eloise govier

Eloise Govier held a colourscape lab workshop in the Arnolfini Bristol. She is currently studying Sensory Anthropology and is a working artist with an interest in participatory arts. John Haywood, a lecturer at middlesex university, spoke to us about his years of research within colour.  Such as the iphone application Colour ground, it’s function is to document the colour palette of your surrounding environment such as pigments from buildings, picking up how we see colour within communities and a way to respond to urban environments. My own colour palette is below, one being in Cardiff Urban taphouse and the other my bedroom.



Another project called Colouredge paint range representing the south Pennine Edge capturing the richly diverse and intense hues of both built and natural environments;the townscape, moorland and valleys.

The workshop followed up from my evening of colour research very well as a lot of studies and artists from the BBC programme we’re mentioned in the workshop such as Yves Klein. Within the group that were picked there was sculpture, print, textiles, painters, and anthropologists. Each of us had a very interesting perspective of how we see and think of colour.

We looked at companies colour palettes and the names they give particular colours due to what we may link that colour to, object/environment/thought. At what point do we feel we own a colour? Colours that could possibly be found within nature (as the primary influence). The most profound story was about communities that reacquaint themselves with their land by applying the earths mud to their skin to create a connection of protection rather than harm to nature.


colourscape mine

The colour palettes Eloise asked us to fill out were as follows; colour of your favourite place, colour of you, colour of your favourite person, colour of the room, colour of Eloise

My way of picking the colours were purely visual, whereas others picked their colours by connecting their feelings of comfort with warm red or calm with green – connecting to nature. A way that I haven’t thought of colour by how I apply it to my degree show pieces. The workshop has had a positive impact on my way of thinking about colour – seen in my final centrepiece work with red body, purple outline and orange interior. These colours were picked through feelings of excitement and visual harmony in the balance between the overlapping colours seen in my photography blog post.

Colour is nature, art is nature and we take on the practice to understand our environment our reason for living our way of life as humans and the different activities we take part in for survival and to stretch our mental capacity

thumb_IMG_3805_1024thumb_IMG_3807_1024thumb_IMG_3808_1024thumb_IMG_3814_1024thumb_IMG_3820_1024thumb_IMG_0115_1024 thumb_IMG_0119_1024 surface of the trolley after the spray booth.


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