Corridor Exhibition

Throughout the past two days of being in the corridor I have found different compositions and connections to be made. I have had positive feedback and interesting comments, such as the floor being the composition and considering the level and the colour – possibly need more of a contrast? Although the colours in the corridor and the glass frame are an interesting mixture. Through Pete and Claire we have come to the recognition of the amorphic figure of one of my object figures – The exhibition space has definitely helped support me in the subject area, last week I felt lost this week I definitely feel more confident. I aim to start purchasing stains, creating plaster casts of objects and slip-casting in different colours of stained porcelain body. Going into consideration of the colours with what they are representing – connections to other objects? the space? am I mapping an area? does the colour represent a particular territory/location?

Through a journey of mapping and seeing and moving through a space i want my viewers to follow my work and trust it in the destination it will take them to, or whether they can or will reach the destination, will they be blocked or stopped for some unknown reason to leave them unfinished.

I enjoy having a temporary space for a temporary work rather than having a permanent studio space – rather spread my ideas in public,  to capture through photography and to also capture a person from the publics, view and opinion and their questions.

  • animal in a cage, didn’t feel too much pressure of others being around – quite enjoyed it surprisingly 
  • didn’t feel outside of my comfort zone

I felt myself responding to the space I was in as well as the architecture/components around me. – Aim to continue reading of poetics of space in more depth.

I found inspiration of the new postcards at the reception desk by Chris Glenn for animation with drawing as an experience with direction mapping and a journey, I felt this was a perfect example and support for my work. I also put down brown paper over the silver grid to see if it would change the composition at all because I felt the grid was taking away the attention to the piece. Once I started to place objects down on the paper i decided to draw their outline, if I change the composition again I would start to create my own drawn map through experience of my sculptures.


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